AM3 CPU stuck to heatsink

I am trying to replace the HSF but can not get it seperated from the CPU. It is the stock heatsink which IIRC uses one of those thermal pad things.

I undid the heatsinks clip thing that holds it to the motherboard however there is no movement at all between the CPU and heatsink een when a fairly strong force is applied...

I saw lots of similar posts where people had done this and actually forced the whole thing off the motherboard, and so could then easily get at the gap between them to do somthing, but as I said it is still currently on the motherboard, and I am reluctant to pull the whole thing off since IIRC there is another thing holding the chip in and also the possibilitly of damaging pins and/or socket.
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  1. The thing is when taking the cork out of the bottle the thing actually moves. Here I have done more than a slight twisting force and it still isnt moving :(
  2. Manual only says about installation. Although as I said there was just the one lever on the CPU socket itself, and then that metal clip thing with a handle on the HSF that clips to the motherboard which I have undone.

    There are the screws on the heatsink frame thing that comes with the motherboard, but I am assuming that undoing that or even taking the backplate off isnt going to be helpful?

    Doesnt look like its possible to release the CPU properly with the heatsink still ontop either...
  3. Ill try applying a bit more force...if I can get it to twist even a little bit then I can work it loose. Just not sure how much force is safe before somthing else can be damaged. Never had one stuck on this well before.
  4. Well undoing the screws just makes the blue bit come loose and the back plate fall off...gues Ill be needing to put those back on for the new heatsink :p Certianly not helped getting the heatsink to come loose...

    I read some people saying about heating or freezing it? Any merit in either of those approaches?
  5. does it work? just run some stress test for an hour like prime turn off and take of the cpu while its still hot
  6. When that happened to me, I opened the CPU lever and removed both. Then I dribbled some 91% isopropyl alcohol along the joint between the HSF and the CPU. After a moment, I was then able to pop it right off.
    Trying the removal after the CPU / HSF have warmed up (what obsidian86 suggested) may also work.
  7. ^+1 If you don't want to remove the cpu from the board first turn the whole board up on it's side and carefully drip a small amount of the isopropyl alcohol or some ArctiClean. You should already have something like that around since you're separating them. A few drops, then maybe a few more to loosen it.
    And I know it's dumb to mention but the picture you show still has the bracket attached.
  8. That was from before, sicne getting lots of new images up takes ages.

    Anyway I found a small synringe thing and managed to get some the the thermal cleaning stuff in between, then just kept applying force back and forth for a while untill it eventually started to loosen. I think the crappy stock paste must have been more glue than thermally conductive....

    Put it back together and a overheating problem with the graphics card pops up :(
  9. which new thermal paste did you use?
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