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What power supply is big enough?


I was wondering what size of power supply would be large enough to handle a future upgrade? I'll list my current system and then the planned upgrade:

current: Dual Core E-8400, overclocked to 3.6 Ghz. Sapphire 6950 HD video card. The rest is just standard fare (Asus P5QL-E motherboard, 4 Gigs of DDR2 RAM, DVD burner, 2 HDD - older models, not SSD or anything)

Currently running a Antec 500 Watt 80 plus certified PSU, but looking for something that will let me:

1. Have enough power to flash my 6950 BIOS and turn it into a 6970, which requires a 550 Watt power supply
2. Down the road, have enough power to be able to cross fire 6950s - not needed now but if I see a great buy on a second one down the road when the 7000 series comes out then why not.
3. Allow me to upgrade to a Sandy Bridge set up sometime down the road in the next year or two.

I've been trying up slowly upgrade my system and make it somewhat future-proof as I go (ie, able to work fine when I upgrade to Sandy Bride - hence the 6950 and picked up a HAF 922 case - PSU is up next on my list :) )

Would a 750 Watt PSU handle this or would I have to go bigger? I notice there is a significant jump going from a 750 watt to 850 watt (ie, I can get the 750 Watt modular Corsair HX series for $150 now, even cheaper if I"m patient and wait for a bit of a sale, but the 850 Watt one is almost $200. Seasonic pricing is similar).

I know there are no specs out for the Sandy Bride CPUs yet and what kind of power they will pull but I don't expect a huge increase over the i7 series...

Any thoughts on whether I would be safe picking up a 750 Watt or would I have to go bigger? (and if I would have to go bigger, would an 850 Watt system suffice?)

Thanks in advance!
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  1. 750 is kinda the norm these days enough for 1 monster card gtx 480/580/5970/6990 of 2 midrange cards 6970/gtx470/570

    850 is more in the area for 2 gtx 480/580/5970/6990

    depnding on what you liiking for the ax750 from corsair and seasonic x 750/750 are the best you can get and i do believe the silverstone st750 is the cheapest quality fully modular,xfx 750 the best value mostly modular and the anyec tp750 the best semi modular so take a pick
  2. Perfect - so as long as the Sandy Bridge CPU's are drawing about on par with the current CPUs (ie, around 130 Watts), then a 750 Watt PSU would handle that and cross-fired 6950's no problem?

    Sweet, I'll keep an eye open for a Corsair 750 Watt AX or HX, or the SeaSonic (Corsair and SeaSonic seem to always get the thumbs up in the forums so I figure they are safe bets)
  3. yeah SB should be round the same power draw even less in some cases,you can add water cooling and clock the colour of the pcb's with a 750 watts using 6950's and still have enough power to run a usb oven,interesting fact the antec tpn and xfx and the corsair ax series are built by seasonic,the hx is still good but its matched by the xfx 750 black edition at a better price
  4. Good to know - is there an easy to to tell who actually builds a PSU? (ie, I would have had no idea that SeaSonic makes PSUs for Antec, XFX, or the Corsair AX series)

    Would love to have this detail so when I'm checking out newegg for a good PSU and watching the sales I'll know what's good and what's trash!
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    the most up to date psu list with review references
  6. 750w would be ideal, like obsidian86 said.
    here is pretty much the best 750w at this point, but at a price premiuM:

    this is a good psu and on sale right now:
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  8. That's a nice PSU reference link...thanks.
  9. yeah, afaik henry chinaski owns it
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