New build- dvd drive buzzes like crazy

I just built my computer last night and am using a very basic asus dvd-rw drive in an antec illusion 300 case, intel build. The case itself is nice and quiet, everything is great except the dvd drive buzzes like crazy when doing heavy reads like installing new software. It's not exactly quiet either when I am playing a game that has to access the dvd, but it at least doesn't buzz. Is it possible I installed it wrong? I put it in the top bay, using screws that came with the case. Any suggestions to fix the noise? Or is it perhaps a bad drive?
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  1. If the drive is securely mounted in the case and you get thenoise with all disks, I'd return the drive.

    I prefer Samsung and LG drives.
  2. Yeah I like my old samsung drive as well. I may just swap it out from my previous comp. I only got the asus one because of a newegg combo, $25 off so it was basically free.
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