Sli or sli AND standalone physx

i'm looking to buy a pair of evga 460sc as for as physx games go, i don't know if i will or wont ever pick one up but i've been thinking of getting a high 200 series for physx. is this nessicary or can i just stick with sli?

i7 930
evga X58 3 way sli
4 gig kit (hoping to upgrade to 12 gig kit some day)
xeno pro nic
1200 watt ps
74 & 150 gb velicaraptor
... ya i think thats it
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  1. I don't think a dedicated Physx card is worth it. There's about 4 games where it makes a worthwhile difference imo.
  2. A GT240 is all you need for PhysX, In your case, if you want to play those PhysX enabled games, you can consider getting one for $60, but honestly dual GTX460s are perfectly fine.
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    Just use the 460's and forget about the dedicated physX card, the 460's don't need an extra GPU for physX. If you had a single ATI card or a single 460 then that would be another story.
  4. thanks a lot guys! that extra money i don't have to spend now... if only i could have the $$ in hand when evga has the 460s in stock now lol
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