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Hello all, Ι am trying to figure out which CΡU will work better for a gaming PC that will last for at least 2 years, Ι currently have Intel's i5 760, 2.8 ghz 8mb cache and AMD's phenom x4 955, 3.2 ghz 9mb cache. Which one should i go for? Also between nvidia's gtx 465 and AMD's HD5850 chipsets which one is the best value for money choice?
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  1. all are good, all will last at least 2 years.
    I would advice you to go with AMD on both cpu and gpu. the gtx 465 is end-of-line at this point,nvidia stopped producing it. if u buy it, try finding one that is dirt cheap on sale.
    the cpus are pretty much head-to-head, 955 is cheaper, great for games and nice overclocker.
  2. note: nvidia gtx 465 and AMD HD5850 are graphic cards, not chipsets.
  3. There's no reason to but a GTX 465. The 460 is better. Also the competition for the HD5850 is neither of those cards but rather the GTX 470.
    As for what you should choose it depends on what you want to spend basically. Even a 955 + GTX 460 should be fine but if you can afford an i5/GTX 470 then you'll definitely see a large benefit in the more intensive games.
  4. thank you for the replies ;) , have fun all!
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