AMD Phenom II™ X6 1035T vs i7

AMD Phenom II™ X6 1035T vs i7 whats better for a windows system also run ubuntu and want to build a hackintosh
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  1. 1035T? I didnt even know it existed?
  2. 1035T and 1045t only found in prebuilt systems. No retail versions available.

    Probably i7 for you since you want to hackintosh. Don't know if you can with AMD.
  3. Lies its on tiger direct .com for retail
  4. Phenom processors do not work with current versions of mac os. Sandybridge is the best option to go for anything above snow leopard. Imho the best board for hackintosh is the gigabyte z68x-ud3h. I've got an i5-2500k, 16gb ddr3, gigabyte z68x-ud3h-b3, and a radeon 5450 in my hackintosh.

    Refer to this website for hardware compatibility:
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