Asus pc is all fine except for a mouse and motherboard without power how to fix

im already confused how to solve the problem of my asus pds2-vm motherboard. first and foremost my pc's psu is working,cpu tested is ok,cpu is spinning but the problem is... i dont hear any beep code and of course no monitor display.
what i did, i remove everything, RAM, VIDEO CARD..leaving nothing but the power supply to the motherboard,hoping to ease my problem and to revive my pc, but in return nothing happens.... still no beep and display..... is there another way to fix my pc........before anything else my cmos battery is a new one, i replace the old one..... pls advised me how to fix my pc problem... any advised will be much appreciated... thanx.
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  1. Unless you have a speaker hooked up you won't hear a beep.

    Most of us quit using speakers 10yrs ago.

    I googled asus pds2-vm and nothing comes up. What is the real model number?
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