Which hdd should I buy, or save up for new CPU?

My hitatchi hard drive is a bit older now, it's always been quite load and has always caused a fair amount of micro stutterings in games (not to terribly much, but enough that your usually aware that's it's happening). It scores 5.7 in WEI in win 7 (I know mechanical drives only can go up too 5.9), I'm not aware of any better way to bench hard drives. Could a newer, faster, hard drive make any difference in games, or would I just be better saving up for something else? Like an 8350, so I could buy a real nice GPU next.

I don't want to order a drive offline because they're so susceptible to shipping damage, the store in town has a Western Digital Blue, 500gig for $100, and the Seagate st1000m003 for $100 or the smaller st500m002 for $75. (A bit pricey but like I said if it doesn't work I can bring it right back, and I don't mind paying a bit to help out the local businesses.) Or, my friend has a Western Digital Scorpio Blue that he would sell to me for $10 but I'm not sure if that's be any better. But, perhaps running my OS off one drive and games off the other would speec it up a bit?

One last thing, I have a problem with Crysis 2, it freezes up my computer and I can't play it. I recently got a new motherboard and RAM but it made no difference. Perhaps my hard drive can't work fast enough for the game?
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  1. Save the money for the CPU and the GPU. Hard drives have very less impact on games.
  2. hard drives only affect load times or only if you don't have enough ram. The games are loaded on the ram when you play it and only read from the hard drive if you don't have enough (then you will experience major lag).

    Your cpu and gpu are not the best so it might be better to upgrade those instead. Also do consider getting an ssd and loading your OS and frequently played games onto it. Your boot times and load times will lower drastically. You can order ssd's online without fear because they have no moving parts and the retailers usually pack them up well.

    Btw how old is your drive? Does it use IDE?
  3. Lol, no it's not an IDE drive, its SATA 3GB/s, so guess I'll just buy my friends Scorpio Blue and run games off that, then if I need to reinstall my OS ever I can still have all my games around from that drive.

    What if I did spend $50 or so on a smaller 64GB SSD, would I be better running the OS off of there, or keeping the OS on my current drive, and running games of the SSD?
  4. Here's the model for my current drive, Hitatchi HDT725032VLA360,
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