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GPU For Blu-ray recording

I'm using a GT240 DDR5 512 GPU in e8400 3.Ghz HTPC System .. What is best priced Blu-ray recording performace increase in GPU's ?
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  1. Well, i think your system already fast enough for Blu-ray recording...
    What's your problem?
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    The slowest GPU i use for recording HDTV is 3870... The CPU usage is ~ < 10% average. The task is done mostly by the GPU.

    I tried different GPU

    3870, 4870, 4850, 4890, CF 4890
    For Nvidia i still have my 8800GT, and GTX 280C.

    Recording and playback HDTV movies is hardly noticesable on CPU usage.
  3. I'm sure fermi and 5000 ati gpu will do better.
  4. I'll Guess in this recession that I've recieved an aceptable answer .. Meaning my GeForce 240GT is adequate .. Really I was wondering if the 260 & above will show a speed improvement .. Thanks for any all responses .. Enjoy a Blessed future for your efforts to answer my questions ..
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