P8P67 Pro won't go to sleep & PCI-Express x16 unstable

I have an Asus P8P67 Pro board and it kept driving me nuts ever since I bought it (correction: ever since I got my *replacement*... first one was busted from the start) with an annoying issue: my graphics card will work fine with a secondary PCI-E slot, but to make it work in the primary one, I have to find that *perfect* spot at which it will work, otherwise it will just annoy the hell out of me with a "GPU not detected" error (1 long beep, 3 short ones, GPU LED lit up in red, no POST). Occasionally (~once a week or two) the error returns, so I have to open the case and keep trying to re-seat the card until it works again.

Like that wasn't enough, a new problem appeared today: I can't send the machine into sleep mode; it will just hang out in the login screen and will let me log back in if I want to. However, if I leave it alone and let the amount of time I set till the sleep mode expire (10 mins), the machine freezes. No BSOD, no reboot, just freezes. (I thought it's the same like the other P8P67 sleep issues I keep hearing about, but it turns out that everyone had trouble bringing the PC *out* of sleep, not in.) Sleep mode worked fine before. If I just keep working/gaming, it stays fine.

Occasionally, the BIOS freezes, too. Also didn't happen before today.

I am using the latest stable BIOS (1704) [tried beta 1805, doesn't fix, is worse, in fact, due to other problems I won't describe], the rest of the config is in the signature. The issue is unrelated to my other PCI cards (WLAN, SB) since I've tried booting without them. No OC, of course.

Anyone with similar issues or at least with an idea on how to fix either of two? I've about had it with this board and will RMA it, if nothing helps, but first I want to find out what the hell is wrong with it.
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  1. Not giving up on this thread. Come on, anyone?
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