VGA Red light is on on Asus Crosshair 4 and will not boot

Switched from a ATI XFX 4890 and changed to a XFX GTX 295 and It will boot into the bios but after I save changes and try to reboot I get no video and the VGA Red post light on Asus Crosshair 4 stays on. I then reset the bios and it will give me a video signal to get in bios. I go into bios and just change the date and time and save, when it reboots same thing happens again. Oh yeah had a XFX 4890 and cleared all drivers before installing this card and even wiped my hard drives after I experienced the no boot issue.. Same result, Any suggestions would be appreciated as I have been working on pc's for 3 years but have never went from ATI to NVIDIA.
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  1. Hmm, have another PC? So you can try your GTX295 to make sure whether the card is fine or not...
    It might be DOA card...
  2. Yes, thanks for the reply. Tried it in a machine I am running a GTX 280 and it booted into the operating system and I tried a game with it and was going to update the driver and the screen froze during the middle of the driver download. So i restarted and no signal. My theory is it is an overheating issue as it was very hot to the touch and if it sat for 10 minutes it would reboot. It was in an Alienware with the side door off, bought it on ebay in which the seller described it as a fully functional card, said he was selling because his motherboard was acting up. I think his board is fine as it was the card that was acting up. He says he has it registered for the warranty but I would just assume return with a refund and keep the 4890 and use the refund to buy another 4890 and xfire it. Again thank you for your advice.
  3. Yes, it seems like the card is defective, return the card and get your money back...
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