Power supply upgrade for Dell Optiplex 960?

Will this fit in my dell optiplex 960 mt?

AND IS THIS A QUICK CHANGE.How long would it take to switch it up with my old psu!
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  1. thats the one 1st link!650 w
  2. wanna know how i figured it out? since i couldnt view the whole url (its automatically shortened in the forum) i looked at the bbcode of your post, extracted the item number (N82E16817371015) and just put that into the newegg search box, which took my to the product page...

    can you provide the model numebr of your current psu?
  3. its just the dell one that came with the tower!
  4. yes but what is the model number on it? there is a little label on it somewhere...

    is this what the psu looks like?

    thats a wierd shape with a wierd wire location but it should still fit with a standard psu - oh curse dell for proprietary crap! lol
  5. yes that is it!shovenose .but i need more power with the additions i made!
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    those are simply regular psus :)

    the antec ea650 or any other psu should fit just fine!
  7. The little red voltage switch gives those PSUs away as older, inefficient designs that are probably fairly crappy.
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