MSI notebook GX610 CPU upgrade

Hey, peeps.

I'm wondering if it's at all possible to upgrade the AMD Turion Mobile TL-56 on my MSI notebook GX610 to a TL-60 or better. I don't know if the cpu is soldered in or what. My mobo is an MS-1634x ver. 1.000. Thanks!
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  1. Btw, the socket is an S1 (638).
  2. Anybody?
  3. lol, thanks. Is it soldered in? I'm pretty sure my mobo would support a better cpu.
  4. Short, CORRECT answer: Yes. After tearing into my lappy, I found that after removing the cooling system, (Piece of cake. Open up the panel on the back, remove a few screws to unseat the cooling system), the processor can be removed by simply turning a screw a half turn and the processor slips right out. Upgrade with any S1G1 socket chip and BAM!
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