CCC With No Crossfire Option - 2 5870's Installed

I just built new rig with no issues until now. I have installed all updated drivers from amd website and when I go into CCC the option for crossfire isnt there even tho under system info the second card is there. It does say it is disabled so I'm not sure how to enable it or if I even have to. Under system in control panel it says device is working properly. Please help........
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  1. Is the Crossfire bridge connected?
  2. Yes
  3. What Mobo do you have?
    For now try reinstalling drivers and see if it does the trick.
  4. I have a Asus p6x58d premium...
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    You need to re-install the latest drivers if the CF option is not present.
  6. Have you check to make sure the cards are both properly working? I've found that if one of the cards isn't seated well, it'll work, but not well enough to crossfire. GPU-Z can usually tell us if the bus interface is working properly which has been the reason mine have failed to crossfire before.
  7. ok... I reninstalled driver for 3rd time and is working. The only thing I did different was install full ccc only and not install crossfire x app and hydrovision yet. Do you think I should not install the crossfire app or is it already in the full ccc downlaod? Should I also on that note not install hydrovision or do I need it for games and video?
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  9. yes, go ahead and install the CF app, let us know if you hit a wall.
  10. What about hydrovision...or is in full ccc download?
  11. Hydra vision should be included in CCC, but you wont need it anyways unless you run more than 3 monitors.
  12. Thank You Everyone
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