20GB SSD dedicated for readyboost?

Thinkpad T400
intel 2.26 P8400 Core 2 duo
Crucial 8GB DDR3 (4gbX2)
win7 ult x64

I have a 20GB SSD that i have installed in my laptop in the optical bay drive. I was wondering if i use the SSD purely for readyboost, will i notice enough of a performance boost to keep it for that job.
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  1. Since you already have 8GB RAM installed, I can't see the need for ReadyBoost and I wouldn't expect it to improve what should already be very decent performance.

    Furthermore, I wouldn't want to lose my optical drive to make room for a hard drive or SSD - no way.
  2. It's really a matter of preference.
    If you see a performance boost and don't use your optical drive then it's a fine trade.

    Just depends on whether you use your optical drive or not.
  3. Readyboost is pretty much another way of giving yourself a faster pagefile, kinda pointless as you already have 8GB of RAM.
    I would use that SSD as a cache for the HDD, that would give the biggest performance boost.
  4. okay, mthanks.

    @manofchalk or anyone who can answer, how would i use the ssd to act as a cache for the hdd?
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