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Hi Guys,

Just got one of these on the cheap (E6750) and strapping it to 2gb of Ballistix DDR2 800Mhz on a 1333Mhz FSB motherboard (Foxconn G41S-K)

What are the best OC setting for this? The last chip I clocked was a Q6600 and haven't touched core 2 duo since (running core i5 now). This is a just a cheap rig to run on the TV (play DVD, wifi, basic gaming). Will be strapped to a GT 430 1gb (one of the best HTPC cards going).

Want to clock it to at least 3.5 .... and maybe 3.8 if possible.

Just wondered what the best settings are (based on your collective experience)

Many thanks
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  1. I had my 6750 up to 3.8 stable easily. This was when they first came out and I don't quite remember my settings....

    The thread may still be buried in these forums somewhere. I'll see if I can find it and link it.
  2. OK, I know I wrote a VERY (overly really) detailed review of my 6750 OC project. I'll try to remember.....LOL...

    I think the multi on the 6750 was like 9 or 9.5 right??

    If the mulitplier is 9, which I think it was....set the FSB to 400 for 3.6GHz. Vcore was like 1.36 (please don't try that first, yours could acheive 3.6 with less). You can either elect to leave your RAM underclocked at 800MHz or set the divider to run it near 1066. Start with the 3.6 OC and see if that is stable, then you can shoot for 3.8. I remember that at 3.8, while I was stable, it did run a little hot and that was with the Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme cooler.

    Give 3.6 a shot at stock voltage, and leave RAM underclocked for the moment. Tick the voltage up slowly if it is unstable.

    You should post this in the OC forum if you really want to get a seasoned OC'er's response.

    Best of luck!
  3. The multiplier on that chip is 8. If you have 800 mhz ram then the best you can do is 3.2GHz on the chip without overclocking your ram. Those are the same 65nm as the Q6600 so you might need an aftermarket heat sink to go above 3.2GHz.

    Basically you set your ram to run at 1:1, and start upping your motherboard frequency a little at a time. At each increment, if it boots Windows then run prime95 and coretemp at the same time. Watch the temps and watch to see if it will run prime95 for 30 minutes without crashing. If it succeeds then go to the next increment and try again.

    Once you reach the point that you think you can stop, then run prime95 for much longer, maybe overnight, to prove that it will work. Also when you reach the limit you can start fine tuning voltages to either go a little higher or to control temps at the point you are at.

    I don't know much about overclocking ram, but if you get to 3.2GHz and want to go higher, then start changing the settings on your ram.
  4. This is where I get lost. With DDR2, the key was a 1:1 ratio. My i5 760 is lined to 8gb of Corsair Vengeance running at 1600Mhz (although the board has a rated FSB of 1333Mhz....although BIOS update allowed 1600Mhz RAM).

    The ratio here is reading 2:10 (turbo is off, running at stock 2.8Ghz with a x21 multi)...???

    Will have a go with the E6750 and let you know preliminary results. Not sure how good the board will be. It's labelled mATX but fits closer to the mini DTX platform (basically mini ITX with an extra PCI-E x1 slot). Was only £30 so will see how it goes...

    Any other advise welcome. Especially regarding cooling? It's in a Sugo (SG05) case.
  5. Think I may purchase this cooler. Low profile, and the footprint doesn't seem excessive for a mini ITX / DTX board.

    Arctic seem to consistently good reviews


  6. Ram speed and settings are handled much differently with the i5 processor vs. the core2 processors.
  7. Yea, I didn't bother to read where you said you had 800MHz RAM. cadder is correct, with that RAM, you can only set your clock to 400 on 1:1 no matter what your multi may be.

    "(turbo is off, running at stock 2.8Ghz with a x21 multi)...??? "

    That is confusing though....21 multiplier has to be a visual bug? I don't remember 100%, but I'm almost positive it wasn't that high...
  8. Sorry I was talking about the i5 with that quote.

    With the Core 2 Duo I will be running it at 400Mhx FSB with a multi of 8 = 3.2Ghz.

    Should run nice, has 4mb cache

    This processor is effectively half of the Q6600 I had (also running 3.2Ghz)

    Just need some help on a cooler now?
  9. This one has seen good reviews. Some people say its load but the temp reduction looks impressive (for the cost)


    And it is PWM....but you'll be hard pressed to find a quiet, reliable fan for this money?

    Any thoughts welcome?
  10. Scrap that....just bit the bullet and bought a couple (might as well upgrade the i5 cooler from stock)

    For the 775 - Xigmatek Apache Black
    For the i5 - Scythe Shuriken HTPC (3 heat pipes)

    With the cost of postage cheaper to get them together!
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