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Hello all,
Ok so I am looking to build a non-gaming system. I will be using this build for the web, streaming videos, pretty much all the normal stuff. How ever I will also be using this build for school online. I will need it for software engineering. I dont think this is grapic intensive,I just dont want the build to be slow when I am running a program and go to open another on another screen.
I do want to run two monitors for muti tasking, like one screen on school work, the other on the net looking up things to help with the school work. The two montiors i have run at a resolution 1920 x 1080.
I have been looking at an amd build over an intel due to the price, my buget for this build would be around $1000 max. To be short and sweet I just want this thing to be fast.
I have been looking at motherboards, GPU's, and the other things needed for the build but for some reason I keep going over $1000 because I think I keep picking things based off of a gaming build I did a couple years ago and I have no idea what would be good for this type of build.
Thank you
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  1. Hmm your project could be concluded at under 40% of your initial thought up $1k w/o bells/whistles of SSD, SATA/USB 3.0, yada yada


    Enable Surround View in BIOS (from "Auto") and use

    Display #1 = VGA
    Display #2 = HDMI/DVI
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