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Hi, I'm having a hard time finding an exact answer to this.. Basicly I have an old hdd with all my games and drivers and other files on it. I just ordered a new crucial 128gb ssd. I want to add this to my build and boot my os from it without losing allvmy files and drivers and settings from my hdd. Also I will be moving some of my favorite games over to this drive. What is the best way to go about this without losing anything from my hdd?? I just want to be able to load from my ssd and run my games faster without having to backup or reinstall or lose any of my current files and settings.
Thanks, sorry as well, new to this adding hard drives.
EDIT: I have been doing some more research. What I have come to find (IF i am correct) is that I will need make sure my HDD is backed up onto an external drive, i will need to unplug current HDD, set SSD to AHCI? do a fresh install of Windows 7 onto the SSD (I am assuming i will also have to reinstall all my MOBO, graphics card and other drivers onto this drive as well?). Replug in the HDD boot from the SSD, reformat the HDD and set it as my slave drive, and then transfer the files i had backed up on the external back to the HDD and then after this i should have the OS running of my SSD, the HDD set up with no OS as my slave drive, and I should be able to run all my games and programs off of the HDD even though The OS is running off my SSD. I know it's alot, if anyone could tell me if this is correct and let me know if i have this write that would be amazing! thank you!
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    Get the SSD
    Do a fresh install with only the SSD attached when installing the os.
    Reconnect all the drives
    Set the 1st boot device to the SSD.
    Boot the statement.
    You still have all the data in the old hdd secure.
    You need to install all the drivers.

    As for the games are concerned, you need to instal them on the SSD to enjoy the speed of SSD while gaming.
    In most cases you cannot just copy and paste installation files
    Of you want to run the games from the old drive. Instal the direct x and VC drivers from the games installation drive. This method works on some games but not all.

    When you have copied all the data from the windows installation drive of the hdd you can format it using manage or just right click format option.
  2. Thanks for the replays, I do not however want to clone. I want to go with a fresh install. This info was very helpful, Should be pretty simple it sounds like. And yes i only plan on moving some of my games over t the SSD, the rest i just want stored on the old HDD. also when you say "Of you want to run the games from the old drive. Instal the direct x and VC drivers from the games installation drive. This method works on some games but not all." do you mean this is how i would make it so i can run these games from my HDD still without moving them to my SDD? Thank you very much BTW.
  3. Yes you can run some games by installing direct x and VC package from the game's installation drive. Need to do it for every game. But this way you won't be able to experience the SSD because the game is still in your old drive and is being accessed from that hard drive itself. Your saved files won't be available as they are in the old OS drive. To use the save games, you need to find the save files and paste it in the same location in the SSD. If folder doesn't exist create it.
  4. Okay awesome! thanks a ton for the replies. So basicly say i want to be able to play Dishonored (pretending its not on steam) and i want to keep it on my HDD, even though im booting from my SSD. If i go into my Dishonored folder and find the Direct x and VC driver files and install them to my SSD I will then be able to play the game even though it is still located on my HDD? Thanks again!
  5. Can't say if dishonoured will start or not. I uninstalled it after I completed it and haven't downloaded the dlc yet. But yes the idea is right.
  6. Okay thank you for the help!
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  8. You need to install all updates and drivers to play the games from the HDD. Also it is better you install a game on your SSD so that it can install the game related files in your SSD which is required to play the games.
    Install steam. Some games won't even start without steam.
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