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I'm building a new comp (first one) and i need some advicee regarding the motherboard. I would go with the processor Phenom II x4 970 or maybe Phenom x6 1090t. This will be mostly for gaming. I'll maybe oc in future but not sure yet. 4 Usb ports is ok for me. I will probably sli in a soon future. I got a Thermaltake TR2 750w. And I'm looking to get 8gbs of memory (2x4Gb). So if anyone could help me with this, that would be great.

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  1. I'd be a bit wary about bulding a gaming system with an AMD processors at that price point. The Phenom II 970 is $140 and the 1090t is $170 currently. for $120 you can get an Phenom II 955 that can be clocked just as fast as the 970.
    AMD will be releasing Bulldozer soon (crosses fingers) and that may be an option for a future upgrade. At this point we don't know how well Bulldozer chips will perform. But to take full advantage of that chip you want to get an AM3+ compatible motherboard. Those boards are very expensive at the moment however. The only one on newegg at the moment with SLI capability is an ASUS that costs $230. there are few AMD boards that have SLI compatability.
    For $125 you can get an i3 2100 CPU that performs better in games than either of those chips from Intel. The i3 2100 performs better in games than any AMD chip on the market as a matter of fact. There are boards with the 1155 socket for this chip that are around $80. MSI makes an SLI motherboard for $125 for this cpu.
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