Can a shorted PSU fry a CPU?

When a PSU short circuits can it also fry a CPU?

Replaced the PSU. Board lights up, fans come on, HDD's spin (sounds like booting), sounds and looks like it always does on start up except a blank screen. Thought it was initially my GPU that shorted so I replaced it first with one that was working a few short weeks ago until being replaced. Nothing changed. Thought it might have shorted the mobo so I replaced it. Nothing changed. I have a new PSU, mobo and known working GPU and still nothing. The only thing else I can think of is the CPU... just don't want to go return/buy more parts unless I really need to.
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  1. Its really hard to say what CAN be damaged when a PSU dies because there are a number of ways a PSU can fail. And anything is potentially at risk when they go bad. I have had several PSU's die without damaging anything.

    I know its frustrating but you are doing the right thing. We have all been in your shoes. Get your board back to the fewest parts and start troubleshooting it. If you can, borrow a CPU from a really good friend.
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    It is always hard to say what a PSU can fry, but keep in mind it *could* fry everything it touches :(. I'm pretty sure if the CPU has fried though.. you wouldn't get any hard drive activity or anything.. the tower will just shut down straight the way?

    Might sound stupid - but I've had a problem like this before where I've gone through testing loads of parts on a computer only to find out the monitor cable I was using was faulty.

    I would get black screen unless I tilted the cable at a high angle. There was nothing wrong with the cable to look at, but bought a new cable for £4 and it works just fine.

    I thought it was the GPU at first, but after testing with another computer all together I found it to be the monitor.

    Check stupid things like that.. it's sometimes a simple fix.
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