Which PSU for this build?

Hey Guys.

I'm looking for suggestions on what PSU to upgrade my system with.

I'm running a system with...

Asus P6T SE
i7 920
6 GB Ram

Radeon 5750

on a 400W PSU.

I need to upgrade because the new graphic card i've bought, a Sapphire Radeon HD5850 requires a 500W PSU. I'm not looking for a dead-on 500w PSU, but something with more leeway for any other upgrades that demand more of the PSU.
I have no idea what to get. I've never looked at PSUs before and don't know where to really start my search so any suggestions for PSU i could buy would be very welcome. Hopefully i've provided enough information.

Also, how hard is it to install a PSU for a novice? It doesn't seem like it will be much of a problem but then again, i'm probably not thinking everything through.
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  1. installing a psu is quite straight forward its just procedure

    whats your budget for a new psu and from where are you going to buy from
  2. No real budget to speak off, i'll spend what i have too.
    And i don't have any set place to purchase from. If you link the PSU from a certain site, i will probably buy from them. Is there anything i should know about purchasing from one place over another, other than obvious things like how legit the site is?
  3. this is if you dont want to spend much money but still a decent enough psu from a good brand:

    if you want to spend more money but get a VERY VERY good unit, check this out:

    and right in between the two:
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