Crucial M4 vs OCZ Vector 128gb

Hi All!

I need advice regarding regarding which SSD has the better price for performance value. The M4 goes for around $110 while the Vector goes for $140-150. Is the Vector really worth the extra $$$?

This would be used for my main rig where I do everything from gaming to programming and everything in between.

I would also like to know if any of you have had any bad experience regarding the firmware and/or controllers for these drives?

Bonus points for any thoughts on the Vertex 4 aswell :D

I appreciate any input from the community :)
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  1. I would go for Samsung 840 Pro, because Crucial drive is old and I don't trust OCZ!
  2. There's a HUGE price disparity there.

    Either go with a Samsung 840 Pro, OCZ Vector, Samsung 830, or OCZ Vertex 4, in that order.

    Avoid the OCZ 3 series and the Samsung 840 non-pro. And ignore what mad-max was saying: OCZ used to produce meh SSDs... they've been learning fast and are now second on the market for speed and reliability, right behind Samsung.

    EDIT: That being said, for price to performance, nothing beats the Vertex 4, as far as I know. Anything too much cheaper starts getting into unreliable (older) models of SSDs. The Crucial M4 is still a great drive, but it's beginning to show its age.
  3. ^ The Vertex 4 is great for write speeds, better than the 830.
  4. manofchalk said:
    ^ The Vertex 4 is great for write speeds, better than the 830.

    Yup. I have one, and I LOVE it. I just wish I could afford a larger one so all my games could go on it. :P
  5. Basing on the replies I guess the real choice for me is really between the Vertex 4 or the Vector. The price difference is around $20-30, does the Vector justify that price difference? I've read that in some tests the Vertex 4 still has better performance (I could be wrong). Any thoughts on this? :)
  6. OCZ vector FTW!, Samsung released the 840 unfinished and it cause major problems. You guys need to relax past problems were due to Sandforce controllers, now the Vector uses a custom controller. Currently the Vertex 4 is a the top rated SSD, nothing wrong with OCZ!
  7. The 128gb vertex 4 can be had for sub-$100 if you're willing to wait for a deal. It represents huge value in this price range, considering the differences in speed between it and the 840 pro/vector are negiligble in real world usage (imo).

    Depending on how much you are willing to spend, I'd try to find a deal on a 256g Vertex 4. The additional capacity is going to be much more valuable than the marginal difference in speed you will see between the V4 and the vector/840 pro.
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    Like foolycooly said, a larger Vertex 4 is the way to go. Not only do SSDs get faster as they get a larger capacity, but the difference between the Vector and the Vertex 4 isn't going to be huge.

    Really what it comes down to is how they handle various TYPES of traffic. The Vertex 4 is faster on a few points than the Vector is, but the beautiful thing about the Vector is that it basically doesn't have a weak spot - it's more balanced than SSDs usually are.
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  10. I wish I could pick more than one best answer. Thanks everyone, if I can find a bigger capacity vertex 4 I will pull the trigger and buy.
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