X16/X4 Crossfire/SLI.

A question that just popped up, Is it theoretically possible to OC the PCIe bus to make up the bandwidth deficiency from the PCIe X4? Thus removing the performance bottleneck?

If so, can any Mobo do this? Is it the features that some Mobo have that lest you "boost" the PCIe bus from 100Mhz upwards?

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  1. Theoretically I can see it "working", however pushing up the PCI-e buss affects the SATA controller as well. So you get data corruption with too high of overclocks on the PCI-e bus, this is why no one ever does it. I think to get the PCI-e bus high enough to make a difference that you will be able to you see you will most likely have to get past that point of guaranteed data corruption (which 110 MHz I think).

    Its better just to not mess with it, however I would also like to know if its possible.
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