Asus M3N-78VM wont work with Native Instruments Audio8dj Soundcard on USB 2.0..!

System Config
Asus M3N-78Vm motherboard
AMD PHENOM 9550 Quad Core processor
4GB DDR2 RAM 800 dimm Transcend
working with Vista x64 Ultimate
i recently bought a soundcard from NATIVE INSTRUMENTS with Traktor Scratch Pro with Audio 8 DJ soundcard
Motherboard bios 1801 updated and latest drivers for Audio 8dj.

"MY PC installs the drivers and runs the soundcard at USB 2.0 using 450mA off 500mA and 19% reserved Bandwidth of USB 2.0 out of 20%
but as soon as i connect my input /output cables for use of timecode's or cd's or vinyl the sound drivers uninstalls and says to plug in the device and says USB 2.0 can perform faster"
I have tried every possible way to
solve it but cant solve this problem please help changed my power suplly to APc 500W PSU rating 230v/240v input for INDIAN power supply systems
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  1. what was your other power supply?
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