Overheating issue?

I built a gaming rig a few months back and have had no problems at all with it until recently. Lately I've been playing a lot of starcraft 2 and my system will spontaneously reset itself while I'm in a game. On the sc2 forums some people seemed to suggest that a spontaneous reset means its an overheating problem. I downloaded a gpu testing program called Furmark and tried to run stress tests on my graphics card and my computer almost instantly resets after starting the test. Any ideas/suggestions about this problem are greatly appriciated.

I7 920 processor
ati radeon 5870 GPU
Coolmaster HAF 922 Case
Corsair 850w power supply
Asus p6x58d motherboard
6GB gskill ram

btw, i have removed the case side, cranked up the GPU fan speed to 60%, which is way higher than is has been since I built the system, and lowered my graphics settings in the game and this helped for awhile, but after a few days the problem started again.
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  1. btw my brother built an almost identical system a month or two after me and he has not had this problem at all in our starcraft games
  2. well i've determined it has to be a graphical card problem, although I don't think its a heat issue. My system would crash even if the card was near idle temperatures at like 50 degrees celsius.

    I have taken out my radeon 5870 and put in a much older nvidia card that is like 3 years old and stress tested it and run all the games and it isn't crashing at all. There has to be something wrong with my ati radeon 5870. Now as for what is wrong with it and why it is causing my system to reboot I have no idea. I hope newegg or the manufacturer has some kind of warranty as its only 6-7 months old :-/
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