Are there remote controls for PC's instead of a keyboard and mouse???

I want to have a computer I can use to steam content, play blueray movies etc hooking directly to my plasma. I understand what components I need in general, but is there some kind of remote I could get so I don't have to have an entire keyboard and mouse? I've heard you can program a Xbox controller. Any Suggestions???
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  1. I assume you are talking about something like this?

    I have an old Remotewonder that I got with my ATI AIW9600pro back in the day. Its slightly better then that one because it uses RF and not IR like most remotes. This means I don't have to have the remote pointed in any direction, I can just push the button. You have to load the drivers, plug in the USB receiver, and you should be good. With the ATI RW it worked with WMP right out of the box. With a plug in I got off the net I was able to use it with VLC. If you have a HTPC I highly suggest getting something like this.
  2. I think logitech has a device that acts as a mouse and a multimedia remote that I would think fits your requirements to a certain extent.

    But you can also try buying a real universal remote that might do what you ask like this:
  3. I went ahead and bought the Antec HTPC case since it comes with a remote. It was a little costly but at least I know it will work. Thanks for everyone's help.
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