Can i use 2 different models of ati for crossfire?

hi guys,
i want to crossfire using two different models like i already have 5770 & i want to combine 4650 with it. is it possible? if yes, will it perform better? :(
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  1. Cant do it, you dont have to crossfire the same exact model but you do have limited options on what will work together, see the chart below.
  2. i am not getting this chart help plz
  3. The short explanation is you can only crossfire cards with the identical first 2 digits. Eg. HD4650 with HD4670 and HD5770 with HD5750.
    (there are exceptions with this rule however, like how the HD5970 can crossfire with any HD58XX)
  4. edenkhan said:
    i am not getting this chart help plz

    It's like a map. On the left it Card 1, while the top is Card 2. You have a 5770, so look for that on the left, and follow the squares to the right. Whatever is a red square, just go above the square and look at what card it falls under. You can CF with a 5770, or a 5750.
  5. ohh yeah i got it thanks alot friends.
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