Good Deal? Is this a good deal for this case? Is it a large case that is suitable for a custom build gaming PC?
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  1. That looks to be a very cheaply made case and the power supply is probably overrated crap. A case like this + a quality PSU would make a much better basis for a gaming computer.
  2. That's what i figured but im trying to spend under $45 dollars for the case.
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    Good Deal for a "Home / General Office PC"

    Bad Deal for a "Gaming PC", as the PSU is suspect and case cooling is questionable. I wouldn't trust a new gaming system with the PSU in that case. You don't want to skimp on quality for cost. You want to stick with trusted brands like SeaSonic, Corsair, XFX...
  4. cheap case is OK but don't skimp on the PSU all the other components in the computer rely on it.
    Some good cases in here and free shipping
  5. Alright thanks. Im actually looking for a case without a psu. My thought with the other was once i get the case, strip that psu out of the case and it could go towards another psu. Im buying a 500w 7x12v rail gaming psu from my friend for $40. He ran his rig with it that had a 5770, quad core, and 4 gb ram with it no problem, so a case without a psu in it would be ideal. Thanks for the help.
  6. Can you list the name and model of that PSU? 7 x 12 volt rails on a 500watt does not sound right.
  7. rolli59 said:
    Can you list the name and model of that PSU? 7 x 12 volt rails on a 500watt does not sound right.

    Thats what he told me, ive seen it, and didnt know for sure anything about it, except that it is 500w. Could you recommend a good psu for around $50?
  8. Great quality and plenty for HD6850 or GTX460 dual card setup if you can live with MIR
  9. That is a great psu but im not sure if it is in my budget. Im going to start small but make sure i have a lot of room for upgrading along the way.
  10. This is a quality unit that will run a single HD5770 setup with ease
    Although only 380 watts it is equal or better to many generic PSU´s in the 450watt range
  11. Here is another option (a little better IMO) for a PSU in your range...

    Corsair CMPSU-600CX
  12. Im buying a 500w almost brand new from my friend for $40. But thank for the help anyways.
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