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Long LONG boot times GA-880GM-USB3 after a new Heatsink.

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August 25, 2011 11:51:44 PM

Ok so...

1. I bought a coolermaster 212+
2. I was taking off my old shitty amd stock heatsink for my amd 955 BE and it freakin ripped the cpu out (i didnt use that much pressure... but call me stupid if you want)
3. The pins got bent, long story short the cpu is fudged.
4. I bought a new amd 955 BE.
5. I put it in, and put my coolermaster 212 on it's all good...BUT

BOOT times! Good lord. It sits at a blackscreen for like 45 sec, gigabyte logo screen for a minute, THEN proceeds to load windows. What the hell did i do lol. I mean it WORKS, but the boot times are maddening and I'm afraid it's fudged and ill come down in the morning to a BSOD and it wont work again.

my PSU is a 650W Corsair TX so its pretty damn good. It's not a PSU problem..

Best solution

a c 717 V Motherboard
August 26, 2011 12:13:20 AM

Read this entire response, and you can indeed choose the order and/or options.

First try the 'Clear CMOS' procedure for your MOBO; generic How To -> Set the Date & Time plus whatever other necessary BIOS changes.

Then in both the BIOS and Windows make certain both SATA modes are set the same; Windows Start = 3 = IDE mode, or Start = 0 = AHCI mode. How To -> and verify in Registry ->

Last in the BIOS set the 'Boot Priority' to the Primary HDD/SSD {C drive} first and second the ODD {DVD/BR}. Often >30 second 'pauses' is because of a SATA 'timeout', meaning the BIOS is lookig for an OS on the 1st SATA drive -> 30 seconds -> 2nd SATA drive, etc. Also, eject the ODD {DVD} especially IF files are on the media inserted. Further, you can Disable your 'MOBO Splash' screen, and Enable 'Quick Booting' option.

Hopefully this solves your problem(s), and Good Luck! :) 
August 26, 2011 12:15:01 AM

Ok ill try those. I have no SSD, fyi. but my hd and dvd drive are indeed SATA.
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a c 717 V Motherboard
August 26, 2011 12:31:15 AM

Primary HDD/SSD {C drive} = generic HDD <or> SSD, and ODD {DVD/BR} = generic for Optical Disk Drive.

The point is, boot priority 1 = HDD, 2 = ODD; i.e. change the boot order.