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Hdmi to Vga

I made an "adapter" using a hdmi to dvi adapter and then a dvi to vga adapter... it doesn't work... should I have expected it to? or is my hdmi port fried?
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  1. You... made it?
    Well, try it on another computer with HDMI then, see if it still doesn't work or not...
  2. not really made... just put a 3 adapters together... and I'll try it on a tv... thanks... for some reason i didn't think of that.
  3. or you just can buy one of HDMI to VGA converter like this one:
  4. that's dvi to vga though...
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  6. okay... thanks :) it looks like it needs a converter in there somewhere 'cause just plain adapters aren't doing the trick... thanks for the help
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