I want to crossfire, suggest me board with 2 slots plz

hi once again,
i am going to build core i 3
plz guys suggest me a good low budget mother board around 100$
i want to crossfire, i need a board with two slots..
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  1. where are you from?
    any preferred site to buy this board?
  2. good low budget motherboard is kind of an oxymoron. you dont want to cheap out on your motherboard as it will cost you more in the long run.

    if you're crossfiring you need to make sure the pcie slots run at x8/x8 and not x16/x4. i the Asus P7P55D EVO is a good board but out of your budget.
  3. i am from pakistan & i am going to buy from "Galaxy.pk"
    & yeah this board is totally out of my budget :( :(
  4. 1. Cheap XFire motherboards will have one PCI-e 16x slot and one PCI-e 4x slot.

    2. Moderately price XFire motherboards will have one PCI-e 8x slot and one PCI-e 8x slot. If only one video card is used then that single PCI-e slot will operate at 16x.

    3. Expensive XFire motherboards will have two PCI-e 16x slots.

    #1. The faster the video cards used the more performance you will loose due the to 2nd PCI-e 4x slot. This is a good solution for probably something like two HD 5770s.

    #2. Starting with the HD 5830's, I would probably go with two PCI-e 8x slots. There shouldn't any bottle neck whatsoever, unless you are XFiring two HD 5970s. I could be slight wrong on this since I'm personally not interested in XFire.

    #3. If you can afford two HD 5970s and you do not want any bottleneck, then there is no reason to go with option #1 or option #2.

    Note: Make sure the motherboard you buy is PCI-e 2.0 or 2.1 compliant. If you buy a mobo that is only PCI-e 1.0 compliant, then bottlenecking becomes a larger issue due to half the bandwidth.
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