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Hey guys I'm in a little situation with my computer it's a prebuilt system that's about 5 years old but we're trying to make it last. Its a Compaq Presario SR5130NX and has been working quite good lately until today.     
        I was just browsing the forums when a big scan thing called AV Security 2012 popped up along with a bunch of messages. I ran Malwarebytes as well as deleted some other files I googled. 
      Once that was off I keep getting a process called PING.exe that takes up all of my CPU and I can't seem to fix it!
      Please don't suggest I get a new computer as I will be in a month or so.
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  1. Ninja, I just removed virus from colleague's computer. I think ping.exe is the leftover of AV Security 2012. You need to scan your computer with TDSSKiller as outlined on this web blog

    The problem is that this virus comes bundled with a rootkit and if you don't remove it, AV Security 2012 will be re-downloaded. Please run TDSSKiller It's a free utility designed to remove sophisticated malware, created by Kaspersky. In this case, ping.exe is probably a part of trojan downloader. Mine was different however, I'm pretty sure crooks change file names very often to avoid antivirus and firewall detection. Oh, and there was another problem, this virus changed Windows hosts file. Thankfully, Microsoft has a quick fix, please see this

    I hope this helps! Cheers :)
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