Budget Vid Card ~ 80

What graphic card is best valued at the 80$ price range? Light gaming mainly mmo's some fps, nothing too graphically intense. Monitor is going to be 1920 x 1080.

oh and ~80 before taxes is fine...

Ive found a 1gb zotac GTS 250 675mhz for $80
A radeon 512mb 4850 625mhz for $65
radeon 4670 750mhz 1gb - $75

Any other good cards in this range? .... And between them which would you recommend
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  1. That 4850 is a no-brainer for the price! I suggest you go with that option.
  2. even if it is 512mb?
  3. ^Yes. Even with 512MB the 4850 is a much better card than the alternatives. It would perform a bit slower than the 1GB at 1920*1080 but for the price, it's a steal.
  4. 4850 it is.... while im here would you recommend a 500gb seagate 7200.12 drives for about 45 or a 1tb samsung spinpoint f3 for 80 (both after taxes)
  5. Thats a good price for the Seagate and not so good for the F3 so really depends if u need more storage
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