Best Cooler for AMD Phenom II X6 1090T in CMStacker 830

I have the limited edition Nvidia CM Stacker 830 case and jsut ordered 16gb of ram and a new mobo and the AMD Phenom II X6 1090T. I havent got it yet but was loking at maybe upgrading the stock heatsink and fan to one that may be better. Is there anyone out there that may know what could be better. I like water cooling but heard horrow stories of them leaking and damaging all components int he case which i dont wanna do. Can anyone help me out there?
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  1. According to newegg that case is 10.5" wide. A Cooler Master Hyper 212+ should fit into that case easily. A cm 212+ is one of the better coolers for under $50. As long as you are not planning major OCing water cooling isn't needed.
  2. OK. I dont plan on doing any major OC'ing but if i did what would yall suggest? Yea the case is about that wide so im sure there will be decent space for most anything. You mentioned Watercooling and i been reading alot of reviews on the H50 and the new H70. Are those water coolers good or is there better ones cooling wise and fit in case wise?
  3. Ok well i just saw the last post abut watercooling and otehrs talking about it so just thought i would check oin on it. Ill have to look at those in your list and research them as well
  4. Yea i thought about it and im a little bit unsure of the watercooling anyway. Heard to many horror stories and seen one at my work with it frying a computer that we had one in cause it leaked. Cant beat the old fan and heat sink. Or atleast not for cheap
  5. Well actually i dont do overclocking at all really. I havent got the new amd phenom II x6 1090T installed yet. Still waiting for the board to come in. Yea the case cam with crap fans but i ended up getting other fans for it. Its the Nvidia version of the CM Stacker 830. I have 6 green LED 120mm fans in it right now. Ill have to check out that zalman at some point after i get everything installed and all and the controller as well. I thought about maybe trying to OC the cpu to like 4ghz if i can at some point down the road but not yet. Heard people have got it to 4ghz with no problems.
  6. Ok well with Corsair XMS3 (4 x 4gb Sticks ) 1333mhz and the m4n98td mobo with the Phenom II X6 1090T what would be a good setting for OC'ing the ram and all or does anyone know? But keep in mind i still have the stock cooler. Im looking at the zalman but also looking at the cooler master V8 as well. Im a fan of cooler master products.
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