Do or don't: Upgrade to 2x HD 4850 CrossFire?

Hey guys! I have a particular situation in which I would like some advice.

First let me lay out my current system.

Core 2 Duo E7400 @ 2.8GHz
DDR2 800 MHz RAM / 2x1Gb
Radeon HD 4850
Windows 7
7200 RPM 500 Gb HD
500 Watt OCZ PSU
Gigabyte EP43-DS3L Motherboard


So I was thinking of going out and picking up another HD 4850 on eBay and get a CrossFire compatible mobo and a 650 watt PSU to boot.

Plus another 2x1Gb of RAM for a total of 4Gb.

That will be $400 CAD.

Is this the best way to spend that amount of money?
I am willing to just bail and wait, and I might be convinced to up the ante a little.
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  1. Don't. You are already running W7 so its time to move to a DX11 video card. Don't do crossfire. ATI have been putting out horrible X-fire drivers lately. A lot of people have actually been losing performance with the 10.6 and 10.7 driver packages.
  2. Don't bother getting another mobo, it won't be worth it.

    Sell your 4850.

    Get yourself a GTX460 or 5850. Then overclock your CPU by 400-600MHz (it can do 1GHz OC easily) to eliminate CPU bottleneck.
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    Either the HD5850 or GTX 470 would be around the performance of crossfired HD4850s and cost about $300 while giving you DX11 and using much less power, especially at idle. Factor in some money from ebaying your current card and it's the obvious way to go.
    Either will be fine on your current PSU. Some more ram is a good idea, as is overclocking that processor.
  4. +1 with Bluescreendeath. if you're buying a new mobo may as well change your cpu while you're at it, seems like a hassle to me without much benefit. unless you REALLY want to spend some money, just sell your current card and get a gtx400 or hd5000 series card
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