Help - ATI HD 5850 issue??

Okay, this is VERY similar to this person's post:

Here's my situation: new build, everything works fine (non-gaming); drivers have been updated for everything, no other issue except...

Here's the problem: My screen freezes (hoses the PC, but sound still comes through) when gaming!
* Borderlands (via Steam) - Whether I have the settings on HIGH w/ everything ON or if the settings are on LOW w/ everything off, the game will freeze within 5-10 minutes - typically around the same spot though, so I don't know if time is an issue.
* Plants vs. Zombies (via Steam) - Yep! I said it...Plants vs. Zombies. Found out that in the game there is a "3D" setting that when this is ON, it freezes...same exact thing. However, with this off, no issue - makes me wonder about my GPU.

I ran CCC's wizard to setup the GPU for "optimal performance" (3D); I replaced the GPU driver; I ran OCCT for 1 hour, with no errors.

Here's a quick overview of my rig:
- ASUS P7P55D-E Pro
- Intel 2.66 i5
- XFX ATI HD 5850
- Samsung 1TB HDD
- Corsair 750w PSU
- Windows 7 (32-bit right now)

I'm not sure what I should be doing to debug this issue - would it be a GPU issue or a Memory problem or driver issue for some software? The screen freezes, that's it - no weird colors or boxes, I just lose response. I can ctrl-alt-del out of the frozen screen, task manager says that the game is "not responding."

Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you.
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  1. Can you try other games too? (non-steam games if possible), also what's your VGA driver version ?
  2. i experience this occasionally when running my GPU overclocked, and i believe its a simple video crash (caused by the GPU, but on a software level, not hardware)

    I'm also fairly certain that on stock chips it means you have a bad card. the best thing to do is contact xfx and describe the problem, i'm fairly certain they will confirm and offer to replace it. it will mean you will be without a card for a while, but i'm not sure there is any other way around it.
  3. Try to clock the card down in ATI overdrive. Then test if you are able to play without problems. You have a bad card if this is the case. Mine did the same and I had to clock it to 700 Mhz to get it stable. Now I have raised the voltage of the GPU to 1,125 V and clocked it at stock level 725 Mhz - My system is now finally stable, but I will still RMA the card, when the time fits me... ;) . A lot of people have the same problem...
  4. Thanks everyone. Here's an update:

    - My VGA's driver version is 8.753
    CCC version 10.7
    - I loaded up Sims 3 (only physical game I could get my hands on) as a non-Steam game; set all display settings to the highest possible option and my system ran fine! No issue at all.
    - I've submitted a ticket to XFX support too, we'll see what they have to say.

    Next, I'm going to dig into the settings - find out what my card is running at.

    I'll keep you posted!
  5. It would be better to test older drivers like 10.3-10.5 before doing that, but let's see what they'll do about it
  6. Okay, this is interesting.

    I loaded up Borderlands again and I was able to play through the game, but with one issue: every 3 minutes the game would freeze.

    If I did a ctrl-alt-del then click "cancel" and wait a few seconds, the game would return and play normally for another 3 minutes.

    Has anyone experienced something like this before? Does this help narrow this down to a software issue or would it be a hardware problem?

    @Maziar - I'll downgrade my drivers if you think that it could help.
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