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I have a cheap raidmax 700 watt power supply, I left my computer running when I went to work. When I came home the tower was off, wouldn't start for a damn. I took the psu out and shorted pins 14 and 15 to force it on and it turns on, so i believe the power supply is still working and it still wouldn't work with all components out of it, I also tested the power supply with a volt meter and all pins excepts the coms where putting out voltage. Two questions, number one I believe it is the motherboard I need to replace. number two, should I invest in a better power supply and get a better one this is the 2nd motherboard that has died on me in over 2 years granted same model rma'd the other one out. The motherboard is a msi-7501. Is this possible a cheap power supply could be putting out wrong voltages to fry my components?
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  1. Definitely invest in a better power supply. Raidmax's are known for not being great, invest in a better quality unit so you wont have to worry about your PSU killing your other components. I would get a known to be good PSU in there before swapping out the motherboard just to make sure its not just a bad PSU causing the motherboard not to work right.
  2. I agree with the psu thing, its the cheapest part in my pc, I have a radeon 5770, phenom 965 4gb ddrs 1gb hd in raid 0, you are probably right, but could this be a psu killing a motherboard? is this possible when the psu still powers up afterwards?
  3. The PSU powering up is only really dependent on its input side, its output side can by pretty far out of spec and it may still power up, but it will cook anything attached to it, so just because it comes up doesnt mean that its feeding clean power to the components attached to it.
  4. Well than I'm going from pos fifty dollar psu to the antec TP-750, it's going off newegg and amazon for 120? Anyone have this psu, is this one anygood, I heard its made by the same company as the corsair psus?
  5. The TP-750 is good, its a nice solid unit, much better than your raidmax unit. It got a 9.5 for performance and a 9 overall in its jonnyguru review which is quite good.
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