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Hello everybody there,

I have bought a new HP Pavilion G6 2010AX laptop with free DOS. All the drivers required to activate the devices have been saved on one partition of 1GB on the HDD.

Now, how do I retrieve these data (driver softwares) from DOS drive and save it to another location so that I can use them. Can somebody help to my problem?
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  1. you seriously have MS DOS Running as your OS on a laptop? well any way i would start by using google to look up DOS commands, list tree would help you find where the files are then you could use the move/copy commands to transfer them.
  2. Your laptop does not come with a Windows or Linux OS. You need to provide your own.

    HP Pavilion g6-2010ax Notebook PC Product Specifications:

    If the 1GB partition contains Windows drivers, then simply point your Windows installer at this partition when it asks you for a driver location.
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