HP Pavilion 7955 won't power up

I have a Pavilion 7955. It was working fine. I did not use it for awhile and put it in the basement. When I tried to start it up a few months later, nothing. The Power supply led lights up for just a second when I plug in the power cord. That's the extent of anything. I'm guessing the power supply went bad while in the basement. I would like to try and resurrect it for my grandson. Any ideas?
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  1. Quote:
    Ok its a desktop model? when you switch it on can you feel the fan spinning at the back of the psu?

    no, nothing at all
  2. no nothing at all
  3. I went through all the steps suggested by HP, ie disconnecting plugs on the inside - motherboard so on...
  4. sure would appreciate that
  5. Quote:
    It the fan don't spin its the psu. you can get a 400w one for cheap at newegg. Would you like any suggestions for ones?

    sure would appreciate that
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