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I have an AMD 64 X2 4200 2.21 Ghz Processor with a Foxconn NF4SK8AA and I have been having problems with CPU fan. A few months ago I noticed the processor temp had gone up and looked into the case to find the fan had quit running. So I unplugged the fan and then plugged back and still nothing. I happened to move the wires to the fan and then the fan started running again. Well this went(shaking the wires) till about month ago, then the fan quit all the way. No shaking wires or nothing would help. So I happen to have a brand new fan AMD had sent a couple of years ago for this processor, so replaced the Zalman had I put on this processor when it was built in (2007 I think) with the new AMD fan. When turning unit on this fan worked about 20 seconds and then quit running. Shaking the fan wires, unplugging the fan and plugging back does not help either. So I think the fan plug to this motherboard(socket 939) has gone bad. Can anyone recommend an available socket 939 motherboard that is still available that would be comparable to this Foxconn motherboard I now have? I went to NewEgg where I had purchased all of this processor,fan, motherborad in late 2006 early 2007 and NewEgg no longer has any socket 939 motherboards.At present I feel like the fan plug on the motherboard is my problem with my processor fan as everything else seems to be working properly.

Not being a computer whiz, my buddy who is and helped build my system said this board had some good features and extras. I would like to have a good, stable, and reliable motherboard brand to replace this Foxconn. I am not a gamer, so that is not important to me but I do burn a lot of DVD movies, watch video's,photo's, word processing, internet. Sometimes while using this system I will have several applications open at the same time while like for example browsing the web and my system never crashes. At present I do not really want nor can afford to scrap everything I have in this system to upgrade to a new system as I have been happy with this desktop anyway. It is a good fast computer with not a lot of usage hours on it either as I use my laptop mostly. But if I have some videos to burn,etc. I use this desktop system.

Any assistance that Forum readers could provide me to get another Socket 939 motherboard would be greatly appreciated. Is it possible to get another board in the $75 or under price range. Now I came to Tom's as I know there are very knowledgeable people that can most likely help me. Thank You guys very much with my problem and look forward your help!


Jim K. :hello:
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    Maybe not the best site to find what you are asking for, but a start...
    Also a not bad idea to say at least where are you living, at what corner of the world. What works for me may not work for you, and in this forum there happen to be people from almost everywhere.
  2. I live in East Texas. Just did not really know where to turn for help with finding another motherboard and thought Tom's might be the place to get some assistance. Thought there were a lot of hardware geeks on Tom's. Could someone tell me where I might get some help with getting motherboard help? Thank you for the reply.

    Jim K.
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