Format hard drive independently of windows?

I have a Seagate 1.5TB hard drive which has a corrupted Win7 installation on it and boots directly to BSOD everytime. To make matters worse, if I try and boot a windows install CD to use the disk formatter with this HDD connected, it causes a BSOD as well. So I ask you this, is there any way to format this drive without using windows of any kind?

Thanks in advance
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  1. There may be a problem on your optical drive, unplug it and retry. Try installing windows 7 from a pen drive. You can format it that way.
    Use this software to make a bootable pen drive.
  2. The optical drive works fine, it's just this messed up hard drive that causes bluescreens no matter where it's plugged into. I've tried it on my PC with Win7, Win8 and the windows CD booted, as well as on my friends PC and laptop. Causes instant BSOD whenever hotplugged or cold.

    So in short, I need a way to wipe the hard drive without using windows.
  3. Would this work?
  4. Looks like exactly what I'm looking for, thanks :)
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