Asus P8P67 LE--Need help with RAM

I'm doing my first build with an
Asus P8P67 LE motherboard. It lists the following Patriot brand parts on the Qualified Vendor List for DDR3 1333 RAM:


I have one 4G stick of PATRIOT PSD34G13332. Will I be able to use this single stick of RAM? I'm I better off getting two sticks of the parts on the list?
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  1. More info/Links:

    Here's what I purchased---

    Here's the motherboard memory support list--

    I don't see the exact part on the list. It seems similar to what's on there, but then again I'm a newbie, so it's hard to tell if it's compatible.

    I actually meant to get 2x2gb instead of 1x4gb (my mistake). But now that I only have 1 stick, I'm wondering (1) Is it compatible ? (2) Would I be happier with a 2 stick setup?
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    Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    I'm picky about RAM so I'll keep in mind what you already own.

    There's no reason the Patriot value PSD34G13332 RAM won't work; DDR3 @ 1.50v with supported densities of 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, & 8GB / DIMM slot. If using (1) stick then keep it in one of the left most DIMM slots closest to the CPU; Blue would be my default DIMM slot.

    IF you had two (2) 'Patriot value PSD34G13332' then Dual Channel will work, but DDR3 the differences between Single and Dual Channel is negligible ~<1%~3%.

    Ideally, for Gaming the Sandy Bridge responds best to DDR3 1600 MHz CAS 8/9 in Matched Dual Channel Kits and in 4GB/stick density i.e. 2X4GB. My favorite SB gaming kit -> F3-12800CL8D-8GBXM

    Nice article ->
  3. Thanks, I did my build last night and the RAM works!
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