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Hey everyone.

In the last two weeks, I have just completed by first build. The specs are as follows:

64 bit Windows 7 Professional
intel i7 930
asus p6T
1gb MSI Cyclone Gtx 460
6Gb Corsair XMS DDR3 (PC12800)
Antec EA 750
Antec Three Hundred Case
Seagate Barracuda 500Gb
Lite-On DVD/CD drive
CM Hyper 212+

Every so often, I get the blue screen of death while playing starcraft. I am not sure if the screen only comes up when I play starcraft but as of now, it has come up twice while I was. I was wondering if people had any recommendations for me to see what I could do to diagnose and fix the problem. Could it be that the RAM voltage is pushing it to high of 1.65? And if it is, how would I lower it? No overclocking is being done right now and everything is on auto on the BIOS. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. Blue screen is most likely RAM or a bad driver. Could be temps too.

    For the RAM, since you left everything on auto in the BIOS, there's a good chance that the RAM is running at JEDEC DDR3 default of 1.5V. Can you confirm the RAM voltage?

    Also, might be a good idea to run Memtest86+ for a few hours to make sure the RAM isn't throwing up errors.

    Other than that, check for updated drivers, check your temps.
  2. For temperature checking, use CPUID Hardware Monitor. You can use Prime95 to stress the cpu, and Furmark to stress the gpu. Prime95 with "Detect Rounding Errors" checked is also a good memory stresser.

    For RAM voltage (and settings), BIOS or perhaps better one of the Asus utilities that came with your mobo will probably show it while in Windows.

    For vid card drivers, uninstalling all nVida graphics software, rebooting, then reinstalling a fresh driver download is good enough. This is probably best to do first, but least likely to solve your problem.
  3. at the risk of sounding like a complete newbie, how to I check to confirm the ram voltage?

    and unfortunately, how do I uninstall the video card drivers?

    sorry about this but thanks. i appreciate it.
  4. oh and i believe my temps are fine. at idle all cores are around 38 and the vid card is at 33C
  5. I would suspect that the Graphics Card Memory may be an issue as the problem seems isolated to 3D Rendering. Make sure that the PSU is putting out sufficent and stable voltage as a problem here can play havoc with your system and kill components. Start with the PSU then the Graphics Card then RAM then Motherboard.
  6. To uninstall drivers, Control Panel/Programs & Features and then uninstall everything labeled "Nvidia" related to graphics . . . NVIDIA Display Control Panel, Drivers, PhysX, Stereoscopic 3D Driver, etc.

    RAM voltage can be seen in BIOS, but if you've never been in there I'd rather you didn't go atm lol. (Spam the DEL key when the very first info appears on your screen after boot. If a different key is used, somewhere on tha first screen will be "Enter Setup (or BIOS) = X. When you get into BIOS, don't let the blue screen scare you, but be careful lol. )

    That's why I suggest going throught the Asus Utilities you hopefully installed when you built this. One of them will show information about memory on one of its tabs. Sorry, I'm not familiar with the Asus utilities.
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