Liquid cooling & motherboard info?

Hello everyone, I am new here and I had to ask an important question:
I am building me a gaming computer for fsx and I need help with picking out a motherboard.
I am going to have 16 gb ddr3 1333 memory, 2-1 terrabite hard drives, dual radeon hd 6870 graphic cards,
amd am3+ 6 core cpu, 900watt psu. I also need help on finding out what is the better liquid cooling system that there is?
all of this is just for my fsx only besides my os. Thank you for helping me.
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    These are going to be the best water cooling systems out there

    That said they are pricey. You can get a watercooler for your processor from Corsair for pretty cheap, and there are kits for GPU's and RAM
  2. tyvm. and does anyone know what would be a better graphics card for fsx? Radeon hd or GeForce gtx?
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  4. I use a 560Ti and it is great, I haven't tried with a ATI card though. I doubt you would see much if any difference between them.
  5. tyvm
  6. And I have 1 last question,
    I have recently purchased the MSI 870-G45 AMD 870 Socket AM3 motherboard and was wondering if I can crossfire or sli with this motherboard? Any help would be great
  7. It does not look like that board supports SLI or xFire :( sorry.
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