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I have a WD external drive that does not popwer up even though the power adapter light is lit up.

I can hear a sound when I unplug/plug the power cord through my pc.

Any suggestions?
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  1. Check that the data cable(USB Cable) is alright. Try a different USB port. Touch the hard drive, do you feel the disk running when you switch on the power of the drive?
  2. the light on the adapter is lit up but the light on the dive itself will not light up, no sounds from the drive. Its almost as if the power adapter is shot, is that possible?
  3. Maybe. Open the drive case and put the drive into your computer and see if that works.
  4. How do UVCView and HD Sentinel identify the drive? UVCVIew talks to the USB-SATA bridge IC inside the enclosure whereas HD Sentinel attempts to communicate with the HDD behind the bridge.


    What is the model number and capacity of your drive? Is it an Essentials or Elements?
  5. I'm not sure what happened but I unplugged everything and plugged it back in and it powered up. Thank you for trying to help me!
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