Will this PSU fit in my PC?

Hey guys.

I was just wondering if this PSU:


Will work in my PC (HP m7658n), which is right here:


Because apparently I need a bigger psu to get a better video card. I'm just mainly concerned about the size of the psu. I just want to make sure it's gonna work and fit properly before I purchase it.


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  1. I can not tell if your HP psu is a standard ATX unit or not. Take some measurements of the back of the unit in your case. If they are standard size (3 1/2" high x 6" wide) then the psu should fit. The Antec unit is not unusually long.

    As an alternative, FSP sells a graphics booster unit that fits in a external 5 1/2" bay:
  2. It will fit, I have a similar case an it fits ATX PSU fine.
    However I would suggest this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817341017&cm_re=OCZ-_-17-341-017-_-Product

    Uses a similar FSP build as the Antec, more efficient and Modular, comes out to be $10 cheaper AR also.
  3. That FSP psu is nice but i'm on a budget. The reason I wanted this antec basiq psu is because i can get it real cheap and I need more wattage. I know all those wires that come with it are gonna boggle my brain! I may need some help with that, lol.
  4. The 500 watt Basiq is a surprisingly good PSU:
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