WD Raptor noise help..

Hi there,

Just wondering if there is any way to stop the WD Raptor from making so much noise when reading and writting, the actuator arm I believe.

The noise isn't much of an issue, it just gets a little annoying after a while..

Thanks in advanced!
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  1. Raptors are notoriously noisy reading and writing and they have been from way back. Your best bet is to figure out some way to dampen the noise, rubber washers, foam tray, something like that to absorb the sound before it gets to your case.
  2. Ah okay, thank you for your help. I just bought a new Fractal Define R4 in white, hopefully that'll help dampen the sound too.
  3. Probably will. Make sure you mount the raptor securely. Look for any plastic or rubber washers to use for the drive mounts. Here's an old post about using rubber bands. I think it's still good advice.

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