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I recently bought a 260 GTX video card and it's doing great with anything I ask, but now I have a spare EVGA GeForce 9500 SLI capable laying around not really doing anything. I don't think I can run the card in SLI with the 260 GTX but I was wondering if there was any way I could put the card to use with my computer at all?

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  1. SLI won't work. Probably the only use for it will be as a dedicated PhysX card.
  2. yes, you're right, the cards won't be able to run in sli, but they can run together as multiple GPU setup!

    what you can contemplate is using your 9500GT as a Physx card (the new drivers from Nvidia help you set this up really easy!

    read this forum posted about two years ago, your performance will increase!!

    if your motherboard can handle it, by all means go for it, set up the physx to run off the 9500GT and Bobs Your Uncle!!!!

    Just my thought

  3. How would I go about doing that? just plug it in?
  4. Herr_Koos said:
    SLI won't work. Probably the only use for it will be as a dedicated PhysX card.

    Hey Herr_koos, don't think I stole your idea, I was replying when I saw you already replied!!

    Glad we have the same idea though!!!

    hows it going in PTA? enjoy!

  5. Betto said:
    How would I go about doing that? just plug it in?

    its as easy as that, the drivers will pick the card up as multiple GPU setup, then you customize it in the Nvidia Setup settings and then you dedicate it to physx, and then it will!!
  6. That's great to hear, I'm going to plug it in right now, restart and let you guys how it goes.

    Anyone got any idea if star craft 2 would make use of this setup at all? :P

    brb :)
  7. if starcraft can make use of sli and crossfire, then multiple GPU setups won't be a problem, just remember that SC2 is very CPU intensive, most out of all the games I've played!!

    let us know what happens!!

  8. Ok, well that was completely unexpected lol, I decided to run the windows experience index just to see if windows detected the difference... and it did... not exactly in the direction I had hopped though lol.
    it went from

    For some reason it lowered my score with processing and my RAM. Not sure the reason for it though, the computer 'seems' a little more responsive but I just dont get why it dropped my score lol, specially with the two things that are completely unrelated to the changes lol

    Is this normal?
  9. personally I'm not a huge windows index fan, but what you can do is run 3Dmark '06 and compare your scores from previously inserting the 9500 GT back into your case, maybe do a "before" and "after" effect!

    but i'm sure there will be an increase!
  10. Guys, I don't know what you're thinking, but not a lot of things use PhysX, which is a proprietary physics engine. Windows won't start or run faster, games that don't use PhysX won't run faster, and 3dMark06 won't show any change, as it does not have support for PhysX.

    The only way you will notice a difference is in this list of games, as your GTX 260 will be free to process graphics only and not PhysX calculations.
  11. Thanks Jedimasterben, how Would that explain the drop in Wei score though?
  12. WEI scores are meant for a ball-park figure, nothing exact. And plus, the drops were in CPU and RAM speed, not GPU power.

    Scores will vary between runs, on my install usually has a .3 margin of error.
  13. That's the weird part lol, what could have caused the drop in processor/ram? Could the gt9500 be sucking power away from them? It's not that big of a deal, I'm just trying to understand the relation
  14. I can pretty much guarantee there is no relation.

    The ONLY thing I can think of is that IF (and that is a BIG if) your power supply couldn't spare the extra few watts to run the 9500GT along with the rest of the system (which is very doubtful, unless you have a crappy power supply that has just enough power for what you already had, which is bad to run it that close).

    But, if that were the case, you'd be experiencing crashes and blue screens, etc. The WEI doesn't mean anything, so don't worry about it and enjoy your higher frame rate in your PhysX games :)
  15. Awesome :) thanks everyone.
  16. No problem. :)
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