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Hi everybody,

I have an Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600. As far as I could read around here, on this site, I understand my CPU is x64 compatible. But, before I move to 64 bit OS, I need to know if I have to check any other component, like memory, or motherboard.

Also, I’m not really happy about moving to win7, as I find it very thirsty for resources, so I need to know if you can tell me anything about problems with xp64, which is my very next target.

My reason is getting some speed for programs like 3ds Max and Cinema4D, keeping as much as possible resources free in CPU and memory for these programs.

Many thanks,
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  1. Win7 is less 'resource thirsty' than Vista, and most folks are happy with it.

    ANy MB that supports the Core2Quad is fine with any of the 64 bit OS flavors...

    I'd opt for Win7/64 bit Pro
  2. Thanks, I wil probably try Win7/64 bit Pro.
  3. As you know , the OEM/'builders' version online is much less expensive, about $150-ish...

    DO not pay $399 at Best Buy!
  4. Thanks! One more question: would you say that win7 is a better manager for a multi-core CPU or is just advertising?
  5. Better than XP I mean
  6. XP didnt have any real optimizations for multi core CPUs built in, Vista had some, but 7 pays enough attention to delegate stuff to real cores first, then to the logical hyperthreaded cores on i3's and i7s to get the best performance. I run Win 7 Pro on my desktop, its resource usage looks to be slightly more than XP, but significantly less than vista uses on my laptop.
  7. The main optimizations are minor changes to the Windows Scheduler so it recognizes the difference between a hyperthreaded and non-hyperthreded core, which has some effect on how threads are allocated.

    Even then, for various reasons, you still don't see particularly good scaling most of the time. Better then XP though...
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