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I am having problems trying to delete my pagefile.sys. I am running a 64gb SSD as my OS disk and I only have 4 gb left because of the paging file. I have 16gb of RAM in my computer and it is use 14.5 gb of it in the paging file. I know that it is a relatively straightforward process of deleting it, but it does not work for me. What i had done to try and remove it is go under the virtual memory settings and change it to "No Paging File". I restart the computer and my C drive does not show a change in empty space. But the weird part is that it does not show up when I look at C:\ under the windows explorer (obviously with hidden files showing). Although when I use the program FileTreeSize to view the drive, it still shows up. When i try and manually delete it under the FileTreeSize, it wont let me because it says that it is being used. I am not really sure what to do at this point because I have taken all of the steps that would normally delete it, but i cant seem to get rid of it. Is there another way of getting rid of it that I do not know of? I would greatly appreciate your help!

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  1. Well instead of deleting it why you try to resize to say 2Gigs. So set the min and max setting for 2048 and see what happens. If that works just make it some very low number like 128 or something its always good to have a some sort of page file.
  2. Try manually resizing it to something like 1MB min/max and see if you get free space back. Even if you can't nuke it, you make it so small it doesn't matter.
  3. In the Virtual Memory dialogue box select No Paging File, then press Set. Then press apply. Then re-boot. If you don't do it in exactly the right order it will not take. It took me a couple of passes to get rid of mine.
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